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STAR 9/6/14
    Keith Rocco   SK      Icebreaker  
    2014                          Waterford Blastoff winner
    Justin Bonsignore  2014 Icebreaker  WMT  winner
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    Rocco Sweeps Sunoco Modified Twin Features At Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

        Thompson, Conn: Keith Rocco of Berlin, Conn. swept the Sunoco Modified Double feature night with back-to-back
    victories in NASCAR Whelen All American Series action Thursday night. Rocco’s win is his fourth in eight features this
    season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Rick Gentes won the Late Model feature while Corey Hutchings took
    down the win in the Limited Sportsman division. Dave Trudeau picked up the Mini Stock win.

        Keith Rocco proved to be the man to beat in both of the twin Sunoco Modified feature races. Rocco took the lead from
    Ryan Preece for the final time at lap 20 in the first feature, and took it away from Todd Ceravolo in the second one. In
    both races, Rocco went to the checkered flag unchallenged.

        Tyler Chadwick took the early lead at the drop of the green in the first 25-lap feature, but caution quickly emerged on
    lap two when Todd Ceravolo spun in the middle of turn one and two. Chadwick held off Cam McDermott on the restart, but
    a multi-car wreck on the backstretch put them under caution before the lap was over. McDermott took the lead on the
    restart and held off a three-wide challenge in turn four to keep it at the line.
        On the following circuit, Preece drove up on McDermott’s bumper before dropping to the bottom groove to claim the
    lead in turn three of lap four. Kerry Malone moved into second and attached himself to Preece’s bumper. Rocco settled
    into third, but soon inherited the second position when Malone blew up on the front stretch at lap 14.

        Preece and Rocco brought the field back to green with a tight door-to-door battle through turns one and two. In the
    middle of turn three, Rocco pulled ahead by a slight advantage, but lost it to Preece when they crossed the line. The
    battle continued and the duo swapped the lead several times before Rocco settled in out front at the wave of a caution
    flag on lap 17.

        Preece cleared Rocco on the restart to assume the lead, but Rocco drove back out front in turn four. Preece
    reclaimed the lead before the lap was over, but Rocco wasn’t done and drove back out front on lap 20. This time,
    however, Rocco opened up a five car length advantage – the largest over Preece for the night. Rocco continued to pull
    away over the last couple of laps and took down the victory in the first of dual 25-lap features.

        Rocco was again the man to beat in the second of the twin features. Rocco took the lead from Todd Ceravolo on lap
    14 and never looked back.

        Chadwick led the field to green and held off a challenge from Shawn Thibeault to stay out there. Thibeault, however,
    continued to challenge for the lead after holding off a three-wide battle for second. Todd Ceravolo charged to the front on
    lap five and took over the lead from Chadwick before Rocco got into the mix. The duo pulled away from the rest of the
    field by ten car lengths before Preece moved up to third. Caution tightened the field back up on lap 12.

        Ceravolo drove back out front on the restart, but Rocco took it away coming out of turn two on lap 14. Ceravolo fought
    back, but couldn’t get a run strong enough to drive back by for the lead. The field settled in single-file as Rocco pulled
    ahead to a commanding lead that he would never relinquish.

        Rick Gentes held off Jeff Smith in a late-race restart to take the checkers in dramatic fashion in the 25-lap Late Model

        Damon Tinio took the lead on the first circuit and held off Smith until caution came out on lap two. On the restart,
    however, Smith took over the lead and started to pull away by a commanding lead when a six-car crash evolved in turn
    one. The wreck forced Glenn Boss onto pit road where the crew was evaluating the damage and pulling off sheet metal
    when the race went back to green.

    Smith used the inside lane to pull back out front. Tinio fell back by three car lengths and soon had to contend with
    Gentes, who was riding his back bumper. Tinio held him off despite the pressure and multiple inside groove challenges.

    On lap 10, Gentes got a solid run on Tinio and the two went down the backstretch side-by-side. They were dead even
    coming to the line, but it was all Gentes coming out of turn two. Smith had a half-a-straightaway lead over the rest of the
    field, but Gentes was determined to close it up fast. By lap 15, he had chipped away the lead to ten car lengths. On lap
    19, Gentes was within striking distance and made a bid for the lead coming out of turn four. On lap 20, Gentes took over
    the lead.

        Caution flew on lap 22 and tightened the field back up for one final restart. Smith gave it everything he had on the
    restart, but Gentes emerged the victor from their lap-long battle to take the checkered flag over Tinio.

        Corey Hutchings took down the win in the caution-filled Xtra-Mart Limited Sportsman feature. Hutchings and early
    leader Dwayne Dorr put on an exciting battle for the lead, but it was Hutchings who would command the second half of the
    race and take his No. 30 machine to victory lane.

        Joe Coates took the early lead, but quickly lost it to Dorr after the first circuit. Dorr proved to be a serious contender
    early on as he pulled ahead to a ten car length advantage quickly after taking the lead. Hutchings, however, wanted to
    close it up as fast as he could and reeled him in by lap six. Hutchings used the bottom groove to get a run on Dorr, but
    caution came out and halted his progress.

    Hutchings took the lead on the restart, but a spin in turn four brought out the caution flag and reverted the field back to
    their positions at the start of the circuit. Dorr held off Baxter on the restart, but a caution came out when Scott Sundeen
    spun on the front stretch just past the start/finish line.

        Dorr and Hutchings battled it out on the following restart with Hutchings taking the lead in a race almost too close to
    call. The duo continued an intense side-by-side battle, but it was Hutchings who settled in out front. Further back in the
    field, Travis Jurcik collected Shawn Monahan in an incident that took both drivers out of contention for the night.

        Hutchings resumed the lead on the restart and pulled ahead of Dorr by five car lengths. Ryan Waterman, Kevin
    Mason, and Diego Monahan rounded out the top-five. Monahan began pressuring Mason for the fourth spot, and was
    able to maneuver his way by on lap 14. Up front, Hutchings had extended his lead by half a straightaway before caution
    flew once again.

        Hutchings held off Dorr on the restart and began to pull away. Diego Monahan moved into third as the battles behind
    him intensified. On lap 17, a three-car wreck halted the race. Gleason hit the wall hard in turn one after an intense battle
    for the fourth spot with Ryan Waterman and Kevin Mason.

        Hutchings resumed the lead when the race went back to green for a three-lap dash to the checkers. Once again, he
    pulled ahead by a commanding lead and drove to the checkers unchallenged for the win.
        Dorr and Diego Monahan were later disqualified from the top-five.

        Dave Trudeau held off a bold last-lap challenge by Joe Baxter to take the win in the 15-lap Monster Mini Stock
    feature.  Ed Field took the lead at the start of the feature after a difficult time getting a rhythm to the race. Two cautions
    slowed the pace before a single lap was complete. Joe Baxter quickly moved into the second position, and on lap two,
    used the bottom groove to get by for the lead in turn two.

        Baxter held strong out front, but soon had to contend with the challenges of Dave Trudeau. Trudeau got on his
    bumper, and patiently waited for his opportunity. On lap 13, Trudeau got the run he needed and took over the lead.
    Baxter wasn’t about to give up the win that easily, and used the bottom groove to get up alongside Trudeau in turns three
    and four. The duo raced door-to-door to the checkers for a nail-biter finish that saw Trudeau claim the checkered flag.

                   SUNOCO MODIFIED FEATURE #1 FINISH: 1. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 2. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 3. Danny
    Cates, Chaplin, CT; 4. Cam McDermott, Scituate, RI; 5. Todd Ceravolo, Gales Ferry, CT; 6. Max Zachem, Preston, CT; 7.
    Tyler Chadwick, Ledyard, CT; 8. Shawn Thibeault, Plainville, CT; 9. Jason Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 10. Joe Gada, Salem,
    CT; 11. Ken Barry, Griswold, CT; 12. Kerry Malone, Needham, MA; 13. John Catania, Agawam, MA; 14. Woody Pitkat,
    Sturbridge, MA; 15. Andrew Charron, E. Greenwich, RI; 16. Troy Talman, Oxford, MA; 17. Joey Parker, Weymouth, MA.

    SUNOCO MODIFIED FEATURE #2 FINISH: 1. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 2. Todd Ceravolo, Gales Ferry, CT 3. Ryan
    Preece, Berlin, CT; 4. Shawn Thibeault, Plainville, CT; 5. Max Zachem, Preston, CT; 6. Danny Cates, Chaplin, CT; 7. Cam
    McDermott, Scituate, RI; 8. Tyler Chadwick, Ledyard, CT; 9. John Catania, Agawam, MA; 10. Ken Barry, Griswold, CT; 11.
    Jason Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 12. Troy Talman, Oxford, MA; 13. Andrew Charron, E. Greenwich, RI; 14. Joey Parker,
    Weymouth, MA; 15. Joe Gada, Salem, CT.  

    Nick Ladyga and Gelinas brought the field to green with a tight door-to-door battle ensuing. Ladyga held a small
    advantage at the line to lead the first lap, but he had no time to get comfortable as Chris Curtis got up alongside him at
    lap four to challenge for the lead. The duo were side-by-side when Gelinas looked underneath entering turn four, but
    backed out of it coming out of the turn. On the next circuit, Ladyga made contact with Curtis, who spun in turn four before
    caution came out. Ladyga was sent to the rear and Gelinas took the lead for the restart.

               Gelinas drove to the front on the restart with John Lowinski-Loh in second. Rick Gentes, however, was coming fast
    in third. A side-by-side duel for fourth was won by Jeff Smith over Jim Banfield. Gelinas pulled away from the rest of the
    field by a comfortable ten car lengths as Gentes started his challenges on Lowinski-Loh. Gentes tried the bottom groove,
    but Lowinski-Loh pulled away in the corner. Lap-after-lap, Gentes challenged for the position, but Lowinski-Loh continued
    to hold him off. On lap 20, Gentes got up alongside Lowinski-Loh as they traveled through turns three and four dead
    even. Coming out of turn one, Gentes took the spot as Lowinski-Loh shifted his focus to Smith, who also got by for the
    third spot.

               Up front, Gelinas soared to the checkered flag unchallenged and took the checkered flag with a half-a-
    straightaway lead over the rest of the field.

               Eric Bourgeois had a flawless run in the Monster Mini Stock feature after leading every lap of the 15-lap feature.
    Bourgeois took the checkers with a commanding two second lead over the rest of the field.

    Bourgeois took the early lead with Nick Anderson and Joe Baxter rounding out the top three at the conclusion of the first
    lap. The race went single file as Bourgeois set a torrid pace, but caution tightened them back up again at lap four.

               Bourgeois showed no signs of slowing when racing resumed, but a multi-car crash in turn four slowed the pace
    before the lap was complete. Among the cars involved in the wreck was Anderson, who had been running second to
    Bourgeois prior to the caution.

               Dave Trudeau was the man on the move on the restart as he moved into second behind Bourgeois. Baxter,
    Seekonk’s Mike Viens and Mike “Butch” Veins rounded out the top-five.

               Baxter challenged Trudeau lap-after-lap, but Trudeau wasn’t giving it up. Their battle allowed Bourgeois to pull
    ahead to a two-second lead and Mike Viens to close in on Baxter’s bumper. Bourgeois never faltered over the remaining
    laps and soared to the checkered flag. Trudeau held off Baxter for second and third respectively.

               Art Chartier has been waiting a long time to visit Victory Lane at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, and
    Thursday night he finally got that chance. Chartier took the lead on lap 12 of the 15-lap Vintage Outlaws Modified Tour
    feature and held off Joe Baxter for the win.

    Bill Cummins brought the field to green, but couldn’t hold off the advances of Baxter who took the top spot coming out of
    turn two on lap two. Baxter pulled ahead to a convincing lead before caution slowed his pace at lap four.

               Baxter picked up right where he left off on the restart and pulled ahead to a commanding lead on the drop of the
    green. Chartier closed in, however, before caution flew for the second time at lap seven.

               When racing resumed, Baxter proved he had his No. 58 machine hooked up and pulled ahead by five car lengths
    over Chartier, who closed in on his bumper entering turn three of lap eight. On lap 10, Chartier made a move on the
    outside groove, but Baxter closed the door. Chartier made another run on Baxter at lap 12 on the front stretch. Baxter
    tried to hold him off again, but this time Chartier was successful in his bid and took the lead on the backstretch.

               NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR FEATURE FINISH (TOP-TEN): 1. Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, NY; 2. Matt
    Hirschman, Northampton, PA; 3. Doug Coby, Milford, CT; 4. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 5. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 6. Timmy
    Solomito, Islip, NY; 7. Ted Christopher, Plainville, CT; 8. Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, CT; 9. Glen Reen, Wilbraham, MA; 10.
    Spencer Davis, Dawsonville, GA.

               VINTAGE OUTLAWS FEATURE FINISH (TOP-FIVE): 1. Art Chartier, Douglas, MA; 2. Joe Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 3.
    Darryl Dutch, Greenville, RI; 4. Mark Alden, Westboro, MA; 5. Bill Cummins, Clinton, MA.

               SUNOCO MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (TOP-TEN): 1. Kerry Malone, Needham, MA; 2. Todd Ceravolo, Gales
    Ferry, CT; 3. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 4. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 5. Keith McDermott, Scituate, RI; 6. Matt Gallo, Berlin,
    CT; 7. John Catania, Agawam, MA; 8. Tyler Chadwick, Ledyard, CT; 9. Ken Barry, Preston, CT; 10. Andrew Charron, E.
    Greenwich, RI.

    Christopher Ends VMRS Winless Streak With Waterford Win

    Waterford, CT. – Veteran driver Ted Christopher, of Plainville, Connecticut, put an end to a two-year winless streak when
    he won
    the Valenti Modified Racing Series 100-lap ‘Wings & Wheels’ race
    at Waterford (CT) Speedbowl, Saturday, August 9.  

    Christopher’s last series win was July 29, 2012.

    Christopher started outside front row in the 24-car field. Pole sitter Steve Masse, of Bellingham, MA., took the lead at the
    drop of the green flag with Christopher giving chase over the first 42-laps. When Christopher jumped into the lead, he
    was never headed.

    Justin Bonsignore, of Holtsville, NY, finished runner-up for the fifth time this season. Masse settled for third, followed by
    Chris Pasteryak, of Lisbon, CT, and Tom Abele Jr, of Baltic, CT, his best series finish to date.

    Pasteryak started off the night a victim of a qualifying race crash. The consolation race was no better. The second-
    generation driver got in the starting lineup through a series provisional giving him the 24th and final starting position.

    Pasteryak worked his way to seventh at lap 88. When a lap-96 melee on the front stretch eliminated six cars, Pasteryak
    restarted the race in fourth and finished there.

    Starting 14th, Abele Jr also stayed trouble free for a solid fifth place finish.

    Sixth through tenth were Mike Willis Jr, Max Zachem, Eric Goodale, Norm Wrenn, and Jonny Kay.

    The official time of the race was 50:45 seconds. Four caution flags were needed on laps 42, 78, 96, and 97.

    Anthony Nocella, Christopher, and Pitkat, won qualifying races, and Keith Rocco nabbed the consolation race.
    The VMRS returns to action Saturday, August 16 at Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, Massachusetts.

    Race Summary:
    Waterford Speedbowl
    August 9, 2014
    Entrants (32)
    Distance: 100-laps
    Time: 50:45: 942
    Margin of 0.225
    Best Speed: 95.779 (Masse)
    Best Lap Time: 14.095
    Lead Changes: 1
    Lap Leaders: Masse (1-42) 43-100 (Christopher)
    Cautions: Laps- 42,78,96,97

    Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Christopher (2) Bonsignore (3) Masse (4) Pasteryak (5) Abele Jr
    (6) Willis  (7) Zachem (8) Goodale (9) Wrenn
    (10) Kay (11) Rocco (12) Savary (13) Lashua
    (14) Kopec (15) Barrett (16) Pitkat (17) Gernhard
    (18) Pennink (19) Nocella (20) Pearl (21) Etheridge (22) James (23) Medeiros
    Tommy Barrett Earns Third Stafford VMRS Win  

    Stafford Springs, CT. – 19-year old Tommy Barrett, of Millis, MA, used a daring three-wide pass on a lap-57 restart, to go on and win the Valenti Modified Racing Series sanctioned 80-lap race Friday night
    at Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford, CT.

    The win was Barrett’s third series victory at Stafford and his second win this season. He won at Thompson, CT, May 29th

    Justin Bonsignore, of Holtsville, NY, led the field to green from his pole starting position and topped the 24-car lineup over the first five circuits.

    Fast closing Keith Rocco, of Berlin, CT, started fifth, and promptly chased down the leader to take the lead for two laps starting a race long flip flop of the lead with Bonsignore.

    Seven lead changes between the two leaders over the first 56-laps ended when Barrett made what proved to be the race winning move

    “ I really didn’t think I had much of a car to get by Keith and Justin. I thought I could have maybe caught them. Getting under them was a different thing,” said Barrett. “On that last restart I got a good start
    behind Keith and he washed up the track a little bit. I stuck my nose in there. The car stuck on the bottom and we just pulled away after that. The car was really good tonight. Can’t thank the guys enough.”

    Rocco hung on to finish second. “ The car was awesome the whole race even after Barrett got by me. I really didn’t have many complaints about the car. It was still pretty good and I still had a lot of tire
    under me. He was fast at the end,” Rocco explained.

    Bonsignore nailed another podium finish,“ We had a good car on the long runs. We were making a move to go for the lead with Keith and the yellow came out. The restart the (9) just came on strong and
    he was definitely the class of the field at the end of the night,” stated Bonsignore.

    Rowan Pennink, of Huntingdon Valley, PA, finished fourth with  Woody Pitkat, of Stafford Springs,  rounding out the top five.

    Chris Pasteryak, Richard Savary, Norm Wrenn, Mike Holdridge, and Eric Goodale finished sixth through tenth.  

    Four caution flags were displayed over the 80-lap run. The race was completed in 46 minutes. 13 cars finished on the lead lap.

    Heat wins went to Rocco, Pennink, and Max Zachem.

    Airborne Speedway, Plattsburgh, NY, will host the VMRS Saturday, Sept 6.

    Race Summary:
    Stafford Motor Speedway
    August 29, 2014
    Race # 13
    Entrants (24)
    Distance: 80-laps
    Time: 46:36:289
    Margin of Victory: 1.360
    Best Speed: 96.051 (Rocco)
    Best Lap Time: 18.740  (Rocco
    Lead Changes: 8
    Lap Leaders: 1-5  (Bonsignore) 6,7 (Rocco) 8 (Bonsignore)
    9-21 (Rocco) 22 (Bonsignore) 23-49 (Rocco) 50 (Bonsignore)
    51-56 (Rocco) 57-80 (Barrett)  
    Cautions: Laps- 50,50,50,57
    Unofficial Order of Finish:  (1) Barrett (2) Rocco (3) Bonsignore (4) Pennink (5) Pitkat (6) Chris Pasteryak (7) Savary (8) Wrenn (9) Holdridge (10 Goodale (11) Medeiros (12) Lashua (13) Meservey (14)
    Galko (15) Bakaj (16) Seidell (17) Zachem (18) Christopher (19) Kopec (20) Charlie Pasteryak (21) Willis (22) Malave (23) Preece (24) Masse

    Seekonk, MA. – It took four years for Nashua, New Hampshire driver Norm Wrenn to find victory lane with the Valenti Modified Racing Series, but the wait came to an end Saturday night, when ‘Stormin’
    Norman stormed off the fourth turn to the checkered flag to capture the ‘Seekonk 100’ in front of a cheering crowd at Seekonk Speedway, Seekonk, MA.

    Wrenn started 11th in a 20-car field and gradually worked his way to the top five settling into 3rd at lap-51. Wrenn then engaged in a battle with Max Zachem, of Preston, CT, point leader Justin
    Bonsignore, of Holtsville, NY, race leader Richard Savary, of Canton, MA, and a fast closing Rowan Pennink, of Huntingdon Valley, PA, the series reigning champion.  

    A series of late race caution flags on laps 80, 81, and 88 made for intense race restarts and a flurry of contact
    resulting in Pennink, Bonsignore, and Wrenn making great saves preventing spinouts or crashes to remain in contention.

    The lead changed hands 10 times with Savary leading lap 98, Bonsignore lap 99, and Wrenn the all-important lap 100.

    Wrenn was running fourth entering the third turn on the final lap. With Savary, Bonsignore, and Pennink slowed by contact, Wrenn darted to the bottom of turn four and drag raced Pennink to the finish by
    a margin of 0.055 ahead of Pennink.

    An emotional and teary-eyed Wrenn spoke to the crowd in victory lane. “We have won championships in the Pro Stocks, three championships in the Pro-Four’s, this is an elite division and I have always
    wanted to run up front. To win is awesome. My crew has been with me since day one racing street stocks at Star Speedway in 1990. I’m getting old. I’m glad I could pull one off before I retire.”

    When asked what went through the his mind as the finish was nearing, Wrenn explained, “ I was watching what was happening up front. Coming up through the field I let a couple of cars go by because of
    the banging.”

    And for the final turn. “Oh My God I’m going to pull this off,” Wrenn said smiling.

    Bonsignore finished a strong third, with Savary fourth, and veteran Rob Goodenough, of Swanzey, NH, making his first start of the season, fifth.

    Rounding out the top ten were Zachem, Carl Medeiros, Rob Richardi Jr, Dylan Kopec, and Mike Willis Jr.

    9 caution flags slowed the race for a race time of 56 minutes and 04 seconds. 13 of the 20 starters finished on the lead lap.

    Tom Abele Jr, Pennink, and Zachem won heat races.

    The VMRS returns to New Hampshire this Saturday night August 23, at Monadnock Speedway, for the running of the ‘Victor Johnson Memorial 100.

    Race Summary:
    Seekonk Speedway
    August 16, 2014
    Race # 11
    Entrants (20)
    Distance: 100-laps
    Time: 50:04: 521
    Margin of 0.055
    Best Speed: 97.416 (Annarummo)
    Best Lap Time: 12.306  (Annarummo)
    Lead Changes: 10
    Lap Leaders: 1-6 (Zachem) 7-50 (Annarummo) 51 (Zachem) 52 (Savary) 53-57 (Zachem) 58-60 (Savary) 61 (Zachem) 62-98 (Savary) 99 (Bonsignore 100 (Wrenn)   
    Cautions: Laps- 2, 5, 12, 50, 53, 60, 80, 81, 88

    Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Wrenn (2) Pennink (3) Bonsignore (4) Savary (5) Goodenough (6) Zachem (7) Medeiros (8) Richardi, (9) Kopec (10) Willis (11) Meservey (12) Abele (13) Bakaj (14)
    Annarummo (15) Pasteryak (16) Vanasse (17) Lashua (18) Fournier (19) Houlihan (20) Hurley

    Dwight Jarvis Thrills Monadnock Fans With VMRS Victory

    Winchester, NH. – It didn’t have the dramatic finish like last weeks race at Seekonk, but it had the same result, a large vocal crowd greeting the race winner, this time fan favorite 41-year veteran Dwight
    Jarvis, when he exited his race car. Jarvis had just won the annual Valenti Modified Racing Series sanctioned ‘Victor Johnson Memorial 100’ and the Monadnock Speedway crowd let him know they liked
    what they saw.

    Jarvis, of Ascutney, Vermont, started 22nd in a 25-car field, worked his way to the front like he’s done many times. Maintaining tire usage, staying out of trouble, and passing cars when he felt it was time to
    go, Jarvis moved to third bringing the crowd alive and stayed there until a lap-71 restart when he slipped by Woody Pitkat to settle into second.

    With heavy fog rolling in over the speedway, Jarvis used a lapped car to his advantage to pass Rowan Pennink of Huntingdon Valley, PA, on lap 93 to win his eighth career VMRS race. It was the sixth
    series win at Monadnock

    Jarvis post race disclosed it was not an easy journey to victory lane. In fact it was old school. Vintage Dwight Jarvis.

    “We didn’t start out to good. The battery was dead. The radio’s didn’t work right from lap one. Once in awhile I could hear Mike (Crew Chief Michael Weld) I could tell he was still trying to talk to me but this
    is awesome. I love winning this race and of course you all know I love this track. I don’t know how many more times I’ll be going around this but we enjoyed it tonight.”

    With fog and staying in front the focus, Jarvis didn’t see the 10-laps to go sign from the flag stand. “ I just put it down to move forward.”

    Pennink, the reigning series champion, finished runner up. “We had a good car.  It went away on me at the end. I got a little bit free and Dwight got by me.”

    Pitkat, of Stafford Springs, CT, finished third, after coming back from a crash two weeks ago at Waterford, CT. “ It’s certainly a better finish than we had at Waterford. We a had a good car there and it put
    us behind to have to fix it. Took last week off to come here to be the best we could. We started off a little bit tight figuring it would come around and it just never did.”

    Max Zachem, of Preston, CT, pressured Pitkat to the finish and placed fourth, with Chris Pasteryak, of Jewett City, CT, fifth.

    Sixth through tenth were, Kirk Alexander, who led the first 69-laps, Richard Savary, Russ Hersey, Jean Paul Cyr, and Rob Goodenough.

    Eight caution flags were displayed over the 100-laps, two on false restarts. The race was completed in 57 minutes. 14 cars finished on the lead lap.

    Pennink, Dylan Kopec, and Matt Mead won heat races.

    Stafford Speedway, Friday night, August 29, is the next stop for the VMRS.

    Race Summary:
    Monadnock Speedway
    August 23, 2014
    Race # 12
    Entrants (25)
    Distance: 100-laps
    Time: 57:16: 024
    Margin of Victory: 1.286
    Best Speed: 70.522 (Jarvis)
    Best Lap Time: 12.762  (Jarvis)
    Lead Changes: 2
    Lap Leaders: 1-69 (Alexander) 70-93 (Pennink) 94-100 (Jarvis)  
    Cautions: Laps- 10,11,13,13,22,65,71,71

    Unofficial Order of Finish: (1) Jarvis, (2) Pennink (3) Pitkat (4) Zachem (5) Pasteryak (6) Alexander (7) Savary (8) Hersey (9) Cyr (10) Goodenough (11) Kopec (12) Willis (13) Medeiros (14) Douglas (15)
    Bakaj (16) Wrenn (17) Seidell (18) Dana Smith (19) Etheridge (20) Mead (21) Bonsignore (22) Richardi (23) Hinckley (24) Lashua (25) Thompson

           Granite State Pro Stock Series Added to Star Classic

    Walpole, NH-        The Granite State Pro Stock Series (GSPSS) has added an eleventh race to their 2014 schedule, after accepting an invitation to join the Star Classic Super Modified event held at Star
    Speedway, September 6th.  

    The GSPSS will join the International Super Modified Association (ISMA), Strictly Stocks, Outlaws, and Roadrunners divisions at the Star Classic for 100 green flag laps.  The 48th annual Star Classic is a
    highlight on the International Super Modified Association schedule, as the 150 lap event has seen such historical drivers as Russ Wood, Bentley Warren, and Chris Perley .  

    “When Bob Webber extended the invitation to the Granite State Pro Stock Series, it was a no-brainer for us,” says GSPSS president Mike Parks.  “The Star Classic is a premier stop on the ISMA schedule.  
    To add the GSPSS to this event is a homerun for us and for Star Speedway.  It will give us a chance to put our product in front of ISMA fans, and a chance for our fans to see their product.  The Webber
    family have always been a stout supporter of our series since it’s inception, and we would like to offer the same support to them.”

    The Star Classic will be held on September 6th at Star Speedway in Epping, NH.  For more information on the Granite State Pro Stock Series, contact Mike Parks at , or visit www.gspss.
    net.  To learn more about the International Super Modified Association, visit


    Waterford Speedbowl 8/16 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Results

    Waterford, CT (August 16, 2014) – NASCAR Whelen All-American Series racing
    returned to Waterford Speedbowl Saturday evening with a six-division
    racing card on track. Hometown driver Rob Janovic Jr. claimed the night’s
    SK Modified® victory, his first of the year. Bruce Thomas Jr. of Groton
    took his third Valenti Auto Mall Late Model feature win, Josh Galvin of
    Franklin won for the tenth time in the Street Stocks, and Ken Cassidy Jr.
    of Lisbon took his sixth Mini Stock win of the year. Brendon Bock of
    Franklin Square, NY won his first ever Speedbowl feature in the evening’s
    INEX Legend Cars race and Allen Coates of Ledyard recorded another win in
    the New England Truck Series at his home track.

    Janovic picked up his first win of the season in SK Modified® action,
    taking the checkered flag for the first time since June of 2013. The
    35-lap race was slowed by several caution flags, but Janovic was near the
    front of the field throughout. He started fourth and was patient as a
    Shawn Monahan-Ed Puleo battle for the lead broke out ahead of him after
    the pair started the race on the front row. The two raced side-by-side
    with Monahan holding a slight advantage until the first caution on lap-4
    when Jeff Gallup and Keith Rocco spun in turns one and two on lap-4.

    Monahan got away from Puleo on the restart and Puleo went spinning out of
    turn two. The field missed becoming collected and it put Janovic to
    Monahan’s outside for the ensuing restart. Janovic tucked in behind
    Monahan and the two pulled ahead to a five car advantage over third place
    Diego Monahan. That enabled Janovic space to go to work on the leader,
    darting outside Monahan on lap-10. The two raced wheel to wheel for two
    laps with Janovic inching his way ahead of Monahan before claiming sole
    possession of the lead on lap-12. Moments later, something under the hood
    of Ted Christopher let go down the back chute as he was mired in a tight
    pack of cars just outside the top-five. A lengthy delay ensued as cleanup
    crews tended to an oil down in the third turn.

    Janovic restarted cleanly, pulling ahead over each of four additional
    restarts the rest of the way. He could not be derailed and powered to
    victory. Keith Rocco used a late race surge to take second, passing Tim
    Jordan for the spot on the final lap. Jordan was third and Diego Monahan
    was fourth, with Craig Lutz fifth.

    Thomas rebounded from a hard crash the last time the Valenti Auto Mall
    Late Model division raced, back on August 2. He took the victory in
    Saturday’s 30-lap race, dominating much of it. Thomas took the lead
    outside of Chris Garside on the opening lap and never waivered. He got
    two good restarts over the second half of the race to keep his lead. The
    first came after a spin by Art Moran III, and Thomas got the jump over
    Jason Palmer. Ryan Morgan made an infrequent appearance at the track in
    2014 and looked strong, snaring third from Keith Rocco on the restart on
    the outside. Morgan then used the bottom of the track to get by Palmer
    after the final caution on lap-25. Thomas would not be denied, but Morgan
    finished runner-up with a solid outing. Palmer was third.

    Galvin continued his roll in the Street Stock division by landing another
    win, his tenth of the year. He started the 25-lap feature in eleventh
    position and drove the inside lane through early race traffic. By lap-6
    Galvin was already in a battle for fourth position. On lap-10, he moved
    to third in advance of a yellow flag on lap-12. He lined up directly
    behind Lloyd Anderson, who controlled the early laps before the caution
    erased his advantage. Following the restart, Anderson washed up the track
    out of turn four allowing Galvin to pull to his inside and into the lead
    on lap-13. Galvin cruised from there. He finished off the win and moved
    within one victory of the division’s single-season record of eleven, set
    by Dwayne Dorr in 2006. A pair of former champions, Al Stone III and Ed
    Gertsch Jr., finished in second and third.

    Cassidy took his sixth checkered flag of the year in the 25-lap Mini Stock
    feature in his quest for a sixth track championship. He was ahead of a
    big wreck on the second lap the eliminated multiple cars from the race.
    Trouble began when Nick Pappacoda slid off the fourth corner, clipping Ray
    Christian and sending his car up into heavy traffic. Several cars piled
    in with Dave Sylvia, Charles Canfield, and Jeff Lee all taking bruising
    blows. After a long cleanup, Cassidy moved to second position before
    taking the lead outside Joe Liskiewicz after a lap-7 restart, the last of
    the race. Liskiewicz stayed with Cassidy for a few laps, but eventually
    Cassidy pulled away. Liskiewicz finished second and point leader Garrett
    Denton was third.

    Bock recorded his first ever victory at the Speedbowl in the night’s
    25-lap INEX Legend Cars race. It was not, however, without some drama.
    Bock, the Riverhead (NY) Raceway division champion in 2013, was entrenched
    in a battle for the lead midway through the race when he tangled with Joey
    Ternullo. The two cars touched exiting turn two on lap-15, spinning down
    the back chute. The incident collected Mike Christopher Jr., the
    winningest driver in the division this season and point leader, who was in
    third position. Two additional incidents aided Bock’s efforts to get
    back to the front. He took second position on lap-20 and two laps later,
    was inside Dana Dimatteo for the lead. He completed the pass and the
    final three laps were run cleanly to the checkered flag. Keith Rocco was
    second and Ternullo came back to finish third.

    Coates used a daring three-wide maneuver on the bottom of the track to
    take the lead five laps in to the 25-lap New England Truck Series feature.
    Coates, one of the Speedbowl’s all-time winningest drivers, took
    advantage of his home track experience to stay in command the rest of the
    way. Coates’ son Corey was second and Glenn Noll was third.

    Next Saturday, the Valenti Auto Mall Late Model division is in the NASCAR
    Whelen All-American series spotlight with a special 50-lap feature. They
    are joined by the SK Modifieds®, Street Stocks, Mini Stocks, SK Light
    Modifieds and INEX Legend Cars.

    Waterford Speedbowl Saturday 8/16 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Results:

    NASCAR Whelen All-American Series SK Modifieds® (35-laps): 1. Rob Janovic
    Jr., Waterford; 2. Keith Rocco, Berlin; 3. Tim Jordan, Plainfield; 4.
    Diego Monahan, Quaker Hill; 5. Craig Lutz, Miller Place, NY; 6. Paul
    Kusheba IV, Monroe; 7. Shawn Monahan, Waterford; 8. Joe Gada, Salem; 9.
    Ed Puleo, Branford; 10. Jeff Gallup, Agawam, MA; 11. Wendell Dailey,
    Gales Ferry; 12. Brent Sweet, Monroe; 13. Frank Mucciacciaro Jr.,
    Milford; 14. Ted Christopher, Plainville; 15. Nick Salva, Prospect; 16.
    Tom Pinson, Colchester; DNS – Nichole Morgillo, Southington; DNS – Jeff
    Rocco, Southington