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    Coby Starts Title Defense With Icebreaker Win At Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park
    Preece Wins Sunoco Modified Feature Using Late Race Pass

    (Thompson, CT) - A full house of fans was on hand to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the
    Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park for Icebreaker weekend, and the racing couldn’t have been
    better. Doug Coby swept the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour action by winning the pole and backing
    it up with a dominating win in the Icebreaker 150. Celebrating victories in the NASCAR Whelen All-
    American Series were Ryan Preece in the Sunoco Modified Series, Marc Curtis in the Late Model
    division, Scott Sundeen in the Limited Sportsman, and Eric Bourgeois in the Mini Stocks. Other
    winners included Dillon Moltz in the Granite State Pro Stock Series and Scott Quinn in the Vintage
    Returning NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion Doug Coby earned another notch in his belt
    when he earned his 11thcareer victory – his second at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park and
    his first ever win in the Icebreaker.
    Coby, who also set fast time in qualifying the day before, took the early lead and proved from the
    start he was going to be the man to beat. A few early race cautions stopped him from pulling out to
    a commanding lead, but after a lap 36 restart, that’s exactly what he did.
    Not even a red flag could stop him. Once racing resumed, Coby was back out to a ten car length
    lead over Bobby Santos and Ted Christopher.
    A round of pit stops shook things up a bit putting Ron Silk in the lead, but Coby jumped six spots on
    the restart to run fourth before caution flew at lap 84 for Troy Talman. On the lap 90 restart, Coby
    moved into second behind Silk and then a caution tightened him up for a double file restart.
    Coby reclaimed the lead on lap 100 when he went by Silk in turn three.  Ryan Preece and Silk took
    tires under caution in hopes to give themselves a shot at Coby up front. Timmy Solomito moved
    into the second spot on a restart at lap 118 putting him side-by-side with Coby for a restart at lap
    122. Coby jumped right back out to the front with Santos taking over the second spot.
    Coby pulled away to a significant lead before caution was out again at lap 135. Coby handled the
    restart as well as he had any other, but this time it was Pitkat who took over the second spot. On
    the final lap, a five car tangle in turn four resulted in Coby taking the checkers under caution.
    Ryan Preece used a late-race pass to slingshot past Keith Rocco on lap 69 and drive on to the
    victory in the Sunoco Modified 75 lap race Sunday afternoon. It was a battle right down to the wire
    in a race that was plagued by 12 caution periods.
    “We found something there on the bottom of the track,” said Preece about his pass for the lead.
    Kerry Malone jumped to the front at the start of the feature, but contact in the rear of the field
    brought the race under caution before the field reached turn two. Malone held off Woody Pitkat in
    turn one to hold on to the lead when the green flag dropped once again. Pitkat and Preece rounded
    out the top-three and the front trio were all nose-to-tail.
    Caution flew for a spun car on lap 10, but did not slow the pace of Malone who drove right back out
    front. Pitkat missed a shift on the restart and allowed Preece to move up to second followed by
    Shawn Thibeault. It wasn’t long, however, before caution was out again for a three-car wreck in
    turn four.
    Preece won the race into turn one, but went high in turn two and allowed Malone to drive back out
    front. The carnage wasn’t over as a battle between Thibeault and Timothy Jordan resulted in the
    two in the outside retaining wall in turn three.
    Preece and Malone went into turn one side-by-side but it was Preece who won the battle and came
    out the leader out of turn two, but the fifth caution was flown when a car spun into the infield
    grass on the front stretch. Preece claimed the lead on the restart, but it was Keith Rocco who took
    over the second position.
    Cautions continued to plague the event making it difficult for any driver to make progress, but
    Rocco was able to do just that on a lap 15 restart when he took over the lead from Preece coming
    out of turn two. Preece attached himself to Rocco’s bumper and the duo pulled away from the rest
    of the field.
    Rocco and Preece picked up right where they left off after a brief cleanup for an accident on the
    front stretch. Rocco remained the leader through a few more caution periods before a long green
    flag run finally developed. Thirty laps into the race, Rocco led Preece, Pitkat, Malone, and Nick
    Rocco got a little breathing room at lap 45 when Preece fell back a car length, but it was only
    temporary as Preece was right back on his bumper by lap 50. Pitkat, meanwhile, was ten car
    lengths behind in third. The field strung out single file as the longest run of the day ticked off the
    laps and once again allowed Rocco to get a little breathing room from the determined Preece.
    The race took a dramatic turn on lap 69 when Preece, who had patiently been riding behind Rocco
    all day, shot around for the lead. Rocco tried to reclaim it, but failed in his attempts. Preece drove
    on for the win.
    Marc Curtis earned a convincing victory in the 25-lap Late Model feature event Sunday afternoon
    after taking the lead from Chris Curtis in an early-race restart and never looking back.
    Chris Curtis took the early lead with Marc Curtis taking over second from Chad LaBastie before
    caution slowed the pace on lap two. Chris Curtis, however, was the man out front on the restart
    with Marc Curtis giving him a run for his money. Both Curtis’ were battling side-by-side when a
    three-car wreck in turn two brought out the second caution on lap three.
    Marc Curtis drove to the point on the restart with Chris Curtis in tow. Eddie LeClerc rounded out
    the top three. Caution slowed the pace briefly, but Marc Curtis was able to return to the front of
    the pack as LeClerc gave Chris Curtis a challenge for the second spot. Rick Gentes got into the mix
    as he drove around LeClerc for the third position. Gentes continued his progression by taking over
    the second spot on a restart at lap 11 as Marc Curtis continued to dominate out front.
    The cars strung out as Curtis continued to dominate, but the field jostled for position in the closing
    laps as they battled for the second spot. Curtis cruised to the checkered flag and it was Gentes,
    Chris Curtis and Wayne Helliwell, Jr. rounding out the top-four.
    Patience paid off for Dillon Moltz, who checkered the first event of the season for the Granite State
    Pro Stock Series at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park. Moltz took the lead halfway through the
    race when Todd Stone, who had led every previous lap, wrecked in turn two.  
    Stone led the field at the drop of the green flag, and despite a caution flag at lap five, continued to
    show the way around after the restart. Mike O’Sullivan, Brad Babb, Dillon Moltz and Larry Gelinas
    rounded out the top-five.
    As Stone pulled away to a comfortable lead, Babb drove around O’Sullivan to take over the second
    spot on lap 10. By lap 15, Babb was on Stone’s bumper and putting himself in position to challenge.
    Babb looked to the low groove, but couldn’t get a run on him before caution flew at lap 18.
    Stone commanded the restart with Babb putting the pressure on in second. Coming across the line
    with 21 laps complete, Babb made a challenge on the outside and the two made contact. Stone
    spun out of control and drove into the turn two wall hard.
    Moltz inherited the lead for the restart, but proved he belonged there when he pulled away by five
    car lengths over Derek Griffith. Reid Lanpher rounded out the top three. Moltz was unstoppable, but
    Gelinas was on the move. On lap 32, he took over third and set his sights on closing up the distance
    to the leaders.
    The long green flag run allowed Moltz to extend his lead lap after lap, and cruise on to the victory.
    Nothing could stop returning champion Scott Sundeen from getting to victory lane in the Limited
    Sportsman feature. Sundeen held off Moose Douton in a green-white-checker finish to claim his
    first win of the season, and begin a bid for a series title repeat.
    “I took them down into turn one and here I am,” said Sundeen from victory lane about the last

    Sundeen wasted no time driving to the front at the drop of the green flag with Corey Hutchings and
    Moose Douton battling it out for second behind him. Hutchings used the outside groove to hold off
    Douton, who soon had his hands full with Larry Barnett. Douton and Barnett drove by Hutchings and
    the top five – Sundeen, Douton, Barnett, Josh Wood, and Ryan Waterman – pulled away from the
    rest of the field.
    Sundeen’s car was hooked up as he commanded the race leading a five-car freight train around the
    5/8th’s mile oval. On lap 14, Waterman decided to drop down to the bottom and made a run for the
    fourth spot on Wood. Coming out of turn four, Waterman took the position and set his sights on
    Barnett, who was in third.
    All eyes shifted back to Waterman, who now had to contend with Wood. Wood went low to
    challenge and made contact in turn three getting Waterman loose in the corner. The two collided
    coming out of turn four spun across the front stretch. Wood had extensive damage to his machine,
    but Waterman was able to continue on in the race.
    Sundeen led the field into turn one with Douton on his bumper. Matt Lowinski-Loh challenged
    Douton, however, and took over the second position before the checkers flew for Sundeen.
    Scott Michalski was awarded the Mini Stock win Sunday afternoon after Eric Bourgeois was
    disqualified from the win in post-race inspection. In the final laps of the event, Michalski was
    pressuring Bourgeois for the win, but fell short before the checkered flag flew.
    Bourgeois jumped to the early lead with Nick Anderson hot on his tail. The duo pulled away from
    Scott Michalski, who was leading a pack of cars in third. The field strung out single file as a long
    green flag run ensued, but caution slowed the pace at lap seven.
    It was the same cast of characters – Bourgeois, Anderson and Michalski – out front when racing
    resumed, but this time with a lot less breathing room between them. Michalski maneuvered around
    Anderson for the second spot on lap 10, but Bourgeois had gained some momentum and put ten car
    lengths of breathing room between them.
    Caution flew at lap 12 and tightened the field back up once again, but there was nothing that could
    stop Bourgeois, who easily drove right back out front. Michalski was closing in, but a slow car on
    the backstretch at lap 13, slowed the pace yet again.
    Bourgeois and Michalski went into turn one banging doors, but it was Bourgeois who emerged the
    leader. Michalski made another attempt for a run on Bourgeois before the checkered flag fell, but
    couldn’t make it stick to the bottom.
    Bourgeois was disqualified in post-race inspection and the win was awarded to Michalski.
    Scott Quinn swept the Vintage Outlaws on Icebreaker weekend with a second victory in as many
    days. Quinn used a restart to take the lead and eventual win in the 15-lap affair that kicked off
    Sunday’s IceBreaker action. Quinn also won in a 15-lap feature on Saturday.
    Bill Cummins took the early lead and stayed out front unchallenged for the first three laps, but Paul
    LaPlante, Sr. claimed it in commanding style on lap four. Yesterday’s winner, Scott Quinn, was
    coming up fast and took over the second position before caution flew on lap seven. Joe Baxter
    rounded out the top-three for the restart.
    Quinn got a slight advantage using the outside groove heading into turn one and pulled comfortably
    into the lead heading into turn three on the restart. LaPlante wasn’t giving up that easily, however,
    and drove back out front in turn two on the following circuit. Quinn came back with another
    challenge and reclaimed the lead as they crossed the line with nine laps complete.
    Quinn, LaPlante, and Baxter pulled away from the rest of the field as they laid it all out on the line
    over the next several laps, but Quinn was the man in control and pulled away to a ten car length
    advantage. The long green flag run was just what he needed, and Quinn drove to the checkered flag


    VINTAGE OUTLAW FEATURE FINISH (Top-4): 1. Scott Quinn; 2. Paul LaPlante, Sr., No. Attleboro,
    MA; 3. Joe Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 4. Bill Cummins, Clinton, MA.

    MONSTER MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Scott Michalski, S. Killingly, CT; 2. Dave
    Trudeau, Mansfield, CT. 3. Ed Field, Deep River, CT; 4. Louie Bellisle, Lisbon, CT; 5. Joe Baxter,
    Pascoag, RI; 6. Chad Baxter, Pascoag, RI; 7. Larry Loomis, Jr., Moosup, CT; 8. Mike Viens, Putnam,
    CT; 9. Steve Michalski, Brooklyn, CT; 10. Keith Ballou, Pascoag, RI.

    LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Scott Sundeen, Sutton, MA; 2. Matt Lowinski-
    Loh, Milford, MA; 3. Moose Douton, Waterford, CT; 4. Larry Barnett, Moosup, CT; 5. Dwayne Door,
    Waterford, CT; 6. Mike Malbaurn, Sterling, CT; 7. Jack Aquilina, Oakdale, CT; 8. Tommy Shea, New
    London, CT; 9. Mike Palin, Dudley, MA; 10. Brandon Fisher, Plainfield, CT.

    GRANITE STATE PRO STOCK SERIES FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Dillon Moltz, Waterford, CT; 2.
    Derek Griffith, Hudson, NH; 3. Larry Gelinas, Buxton, ME; 4. Reid Lanpher, Manchester, ME; 5. Barry
    Gray, Belchertown, MA; 6. Brad Babb, Windham, ME; 7. Josh King, Vernon, VT; 8. Cory Robert,
    Canaan, NH; 9. George Bessette, Danbury, CT; 10. Todd Stone, Middlebury, VT.

    SUNOCO MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Ryan Preece, Berlin, CT; 2. Keith Rocco, Berlin,
    CT; 3. Woody Pitkat, Sturbridge, MA; 4. Bert Marvin, Colchester, CT; 5. Kerry Malone, Needham,
    MA; 6. Brandon Dion, Taunton, MA; 7. Adam Norton, Ludlow, MA; 8. John Studley, Framingham, MA;
    9. Jason Sundeen, Douglas, MA; 10. Nick Ladyga, Voluntown, CT.

    LATE MODEL FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Marc Curtis, Spencer, MA; 2. Rick Gentes, Burrillville,
    RI; 3. Chris Curtis, Rutland, MA; 4. Wayne Helliwell, Jr., Dover, NH; 5. Jeff Smith, Old Lyme, CT; 6.
    Eddie LeClerc, Taunton, MA; 7. Keith Rocco, Berlin, CT; 8. Brian Tagg, Oxford, MA; 9. William Wall,
    Shrewsbury, MA; 10. Les Rose, Jr., Southbridge, MA.

    NASCAR WHELEN MODIFIED TOUR FEATURE FINISH: 1. Doug Coby, Milford, CT; 2. Woody Pitkat,
    Sturbridge, MA; 3. Bobby Santos, Franklin, MA; 4. Ted Christopher, Plainville, CT; 5. Ryan Preece,
    Berlin, CT; 6. Timmy Solomito, Islip, NY; 7. Eric Goodale, Riverhead, NY; 8. Donny Lia, Jericho, NY;
    9. Ron Silk, Norwalk, CT; 10. Todd Szegedy, Ridgefield, CT; 11. Patrick Emerling, Orchard Park, NY;
    12. Spencer Davis, Dawsonville, GA; 13. Rowan Pennink, Huntingdon Valley, PA; 14. Tom Rogers,
    Jr., Patchogue, NY; 15. Derek Ramstrom, West Boylston, MA; 16. Jamie Tomaino, Howell, NJ; 17.
    Chase Dowling, Roxbury, CT; 18. Jon McKennedy, Chelmsford, MA; 19. Tommy Barrett, Jr., Millis,
    MA; 20. Troy Talman, Oxford, MA; 21. David Sapienza, Riverhead, NY; 22. Jeff Goodale, Riverhead,
    NY; 23. Gary McDonald, Ronkonkoma, NY; 24. Dave Salzarulo, Monson, MA; 25. Brandon Oltra,
    Alden, PA; 26. Anthony Nocella, Woburn, MA; 27. Justin Bonsignore, Holtsville, NY; 28. Corey Lajoie,
    Concord, NC; 29. Melissa Fifield, Wakefield, NH; 30. Ken Heagy, Calverton, NY; 31. Max Zachem,
    Preston, CT; 32. Shawn Solomito, Islip, NY; 33. Steve Masse, Bellingham, MA; 34. Johnny Bush,
    Huntington Station, NY; 35. Danny Watts, Jr., Riverhead, NY.


    Douton and Michalski Collect NWAAS Wins In Saturday’s Icebreaker Action

    Moose Douton opened up the 2015 Icebreaker at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park with a win in the Limited Sportsman feature after patience
    paid off big dividends for the Waterford, Conn. driver. Douton didn’t know he won until after the race was completed. Other winners in NASCAR Whelen
    All American Series action were Tyler Hines in the Sunoco Modified Lite division and Scott Michalski in the Monster Mini Stock division. Roger Turbush
    won in the New England Truck Series, Scott Bigelow in the NEMA Light’s, and Scott Quinn in the Vintage Outlaw’s.

    Defending NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Doug Coby captured the pole for Sunday’s Icebreaker 150 on Sunday.

    In a surprising twist, Moose Douton took the checkers in the 20-lap Limited Sportsman feature after controversial contact took Corey Hutchings out of
    contention for the win.

    “This is just a surprise,” said Douton in victory lane. “I thought I was going to finish third, but hey, I’ll take it any way I can get it.”

    Corey Hutchings took the lead over Douton after two previous attempts at a start in the Limited Sportsman feature. Once out front, however,
    Hutchings was able to pull ahead by a comfortable five car length advantage. Waterman made a run on Douton for the second position, but Douton had
    the outside lane working in his favor and Waterman could not get by.

    Douton and Waterman continued to battle it out side-by-side for the second spot as Hutchings extended his lead. Douton finally settled into the second
    position by lap seven, but Waterman wasn’t about to give up. On lap eight, Waterman ducked underneath Douton and got up alongside him once again
    before taking over the second spot.

    Hutchings enjoyed the long green flag run as he began to put the tail end of the field a lap down, but maneuvering through lapped traffic allowed
    Waterman to close up the huge lead Hutchings held. On lap 15, Waterman was on the back bumper of Hutchings.

    On lap 17, Waterman dropped to the bottom and attempted to get alongside Hutchings, but Hutchings closed the door. Waterman continued to
    pressure, and on the final lap, tapped the rear of Hutchings car.

    Hutchings went into a slow spin in turn four as the field quickly passed him by. Waterman was penalized by track officials and Douton was declared
    the winner.

    Tyler Hines dominated the Sunoco Light Modified 20-lap feature event, but held off a last lap challenge by Corey Barry to take down the win.

    “It was only my second time running out here, but it was a lot of fun,” said Hines.

    Glenn Griswold jumped to the lead at the start, but Hines quickly muscled his way up to second. Hines was on the move and drove to the front on the
    third circuit before settling into a comfortable three car length lead. Corey Barry put himself into contention when he took over the second position
    and set his sights on Hines.

    Hines and Barry pulled away from the rest of the field, but Barry still couldn’t get close to Hines. Meanwhile, the battle for third picked up steam with
    Griswold holding off Matthew Swanson for the position.

    A long green flag run enabled the field to string out around the 5/8th’s mile oval and for Barry to close in on Hines. Time had run out, however, and
    Hines held off Barry’s last lap challenge to take the checkers.

    Persistence paid off for Roger Turbush in the New England Truck Series feature event. After being a force to reckon with all race long, Turbush was
    able to take the lead from Frank Dumicich, Jr. after a lap 14 restart and never looked back on the way to his first victory of the season.

    Erin Sollomitto jumped out to the lead at the drop of the green with Turbush winning a brief battle for second. Dumicich quickly took over the second
    spot before caution flew at lap four.

    Dumicich led the field out of turn two on the restart and settled into the lead with a five truck length advantage over Turbush and Sollomitto. On lap
    nine, Joshua Stringer spun coming out of turn four and brought the race under caution just as Dumicich and Turbush began to pull away from the rest
    of the field.

    Dumicich and Turbush were side-by-side heading into turn one on the restart, but it was Dumicich out front at the line when it mattered. Turbush kept
    the pressure on for the lead and continued to challenge before caution slowed the pace once again.

    Dumicich and Turbush were banging doors for a complete lap before Dumicich had a slight advantage at the line on lap 14. Coming around turns one
    and two, however, the two made slight contact resulting in Turbush taking the lead. Dumicich’s tire went down on the following lap and sent him into
    the turn three wall.

    Turbush jumped out to the lead when racing resumed followed by Sollomitto and Eddie Puleo. Turbush was strong and continued to extend his lead as
    he drove to the checkered flag. Puleo made a last minute challenge on Sollomitto for the second spot, but Sollomitto held him off at the line.

    Scott Bigelow checkered the NEMA Light 20-lap race after taking the lead ten laps into the feature. Once out front, Bigelow was unstoppable and took
    the checkers with a commanding margin of victory.

    Avery Stoehr pulled out to a significant lead right from the drop of the green flag, but the man on the move was Bobby Santos III. Stoehr led the first
    ten laps, but it was Scott Bigelow who flew by for the lead after ten laps. Stoehr spun and brought out a caution on lap 12 with Bigelow, Santos and
    Paul Scally rounding out the top-three.

    Scally had to be pushed to the infield when it was discovered that oil was leaking from his machine allowing Paul Bigelow to move into the third spot
    for the restart. Santos also had to be pushed to the infield after his car would not start.

    Brothers Scott and Paul Bigelow paced the field back to green with Scott leading the field into turn one. After some shuffling around, Stoehr settled
    into the second spot and Dan Cugini in third. Up front, Scott Bigelow opened up a half-a-straightaway lead. Cugini, meanwhile, wheeled his way  into
    the second position, but ran out of time and could not stop the momentum that Bigelow had.

    Scott Michalski held off Nick Anderson and took down the first win of the season for the Monster Mini Stock division.

    “If we had gone a few more laps, Anderson would have got me,” admitted Michalski in victory lane.

    Louie Bellisle and Michalski paced the field to green with Michalski holding a slight advantage at the completion of the first lap. A slow car on the
    front stretch brought out the first caution, but Michalski drove back to the lead when racing resumed. Bellisle and Larry Loomis, Jr. weren’t going to
    make it a runaway for Michalski, however, and stayed glued to his back bumper over the next several laps.

    Loomis pulled ahead of Bellisle on lap five, but Nick Anderson was the man on the move and took over second on lap eight. Anderson got a run on
    Michalski for the lead on the ninth circuit, but a caution put that charge on hold.

    Michalski had the advantage on the outside groove for the restart, but a four-car crash in turn two brought the yellow out before the lap was
    complete.  Michalski was flawless on the restart once again and drove right back out front when the green flag returned. Meanwhile, Bellisle slid back
    into the second spot on lap nine using the outside groove. Anderson fought back with a side-by-side battle and allowed Michalski to pull away by a
    couple of car lengths up front.

    Anderson closed back in to Michalski’s bumper for the final lap of the event, but Michalski could not be stopped and soared to the checkered flag.

    Scott Quinn took the early lead in the Vintage Outlaw feature event and never looked back en route to the first victory of IceBreaker 2015 weekend.
    Joe Baxter didn’t hang back quietly, but the No. 4 machine closed the door at every challenge Baxter gave. A caution slowed the pace on lap seven,
    but Quinn shot out to a commanding lead on the restart. Bill Bernard took over second from Baxter, but never got a chance to catch Quinn before the
    checkers waved.

    MONSTER MINI STOCK FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Scott Michalski, S. Killingly, CT; 2. Nick Anderson, Oxford, MA; 3. Eric Bourgeois, East Haddam,
    CT; 4. Louis Bellisle, Lisbon, CT; 5. Mike Viens, Seekonk, MA; 6. Ed Field, Deep River, CT; 7. Larry Loomis, Jr., Moosup, CT; 8. Dave Trudeau, Mansfield,
    CT; 9. Mike Viens, Putnam, CT; 10. Joe Baxter, Pascoag, RI.

    LIMITED SPORTSMAN FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10):  1. Moose Douton, Waterford, CT; 2. Scott Sundeen, Sutton, MA; 3. Larry Barnett, Moosup, CT; 4.
    Corey Hutchings, Salem, CT; 5. Josh Wood, Palmer, MA; 6. Diego Monahan, Quaker Hill, CT; 7. Jack Aquilina, Oakdale, CT; 8. Dwayne Door, Ledyard,
    CT; 9. Mike Malbaurn, Sterling, CT; 10. Chris Livewire Meyr, Norwich, CT;

    NEMA LITE FEATURE FINISH (TOP-FIVE): 1. Scott Bigelow, East Hampton, CT; 2. Dan Cugini, Marshfield, MA; 3. Avery Stoehr, Lakeville, MA; 4. Paul
    Bigelow, Kensington, CT; 5. Anthony Payne, Fair Lawn, NJ; 6. Juris Kupris, Brooklyn, NY; 7. Meg Cugini, Marshfield, MA; 8. Kevin Park, 9. Bobby
    Santos, III, Franklin, MA; 10. Paul Scally, Raynham, MA.

    NEW ENGLAND TRUCK SERIES FEATURE FINISH (TOP-10): 1. Roger Turbush, Riverhead, NY; 2. Erin Sollomitto, E. Quoque, NY; 3. Eddie Puleo,
    Branford, CT; 4. Bert Oullette, Ellington, CT; 5. Frank Dumicich, Sr., E. Quoque, NY; 6. Tyler Chapman, Mystic, CT; 7. DJ McGouran, Westerly, RI; 8.
    Pete Cayer, Bristol, CT; 9. Joshua Stringer, East Killingly, CT; 10. Frank Dumicich, Jr., E. Quoque, NY.

    LITE MODIFIED FEATURE FINISH: 1. Tyler Hines, North Haven, CT; 2. Corey Barry, Plainfield, CT; 3. Matthew Swanson, Acton, MA; 4. Shayne Prucker,
    Stafford Springs, CT; 5. Glenn Griswold, Vernon, CT; 6. Carlos Gray, Manchester, CT; 7. Chris Correll, Old Lyme, CT; 8. Paul French, Andover, CT; 9.
    Kyle Trayner, Marlborough, MA


    For Immediate Release
    April 1, 2015
    Contact: John Spence Sr

    Winter’s Grip Forces Monadnock Speedway To Postpone Opener
    Canaan, NH -- The calendar claims it’s spring but race fans are left to wonder as continued cold weather and occasional snowfall continues in New
    England. The most recent weather forcing the postponement of the season opener this month at Monadnock Speedway, Winchester, NH.
    Series president Jack Bateman made the announcement Wednesday afternoon, April 1.
    “Because of winter related issues at Monadnock we are announcing a change in the plan for the start to the new season,” Bateman said. “The
    approved schedule for our competitors for practice has been changed to Saturday, April 25, with the opening date changed to Saturday, May 2.”
    The Monadnock event is the first of a 16-race schedule planned for 2015.

    The Icebreaker on April 11-12 marks the opening of the 75th season at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park (TSMP). To commemorate the occasion,
    TSMP will be holding a 75 lap race for their premiere NASCAR Whelen All-American Series, the Sunoco Modifieds.
    The 75-lap feature will be the highest paying Sunoco Modified race in recent history, offering $2,000 to the winner, and $250 to any driver who takes
    the green. Teams will be allowed up to two tire changes, throughout the race.
    The race will draw a strong field of Modified drivers, including NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour drivers Justin Bonsignore and Ted Christopher.
    Bonsignore was the winner of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour races at both the Icebreaker and Budweiser 150 last year. Christopher is one of the
    winningest drivers at TSMP, with 98 career wins, and will also be a strong contender for the win.
    “We're looking forward to being part of the 75 lap feature event for the Icebreaker,” said Justin Bonsignore. “This will be my first season running the
    SK Modifieds full time, and I'm excited to be running in the division. I'm also looking forward to being part of the 75th celebration, and the purse
    definitely helps to sweeten the pot. Hopefully we can put together a good car to win the race!” (end)

    Historic Racing Returns to Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park’s Oval Track

    The 2015 season will mark the 75th anniversary of Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, so it is fitting that it would also see the return of historic
    racing on the 5/8 mile oval, for the first time since 2012.  The Historic Oval nvitational will be a two-day event held on Friday and Saturday, May 15-
    16, 2015.
    The races are open to any race cars built before 2000, and will include Midgets, Sprints, TQ Midgets, Super Modifieds, Champ Cars, Vintage Outlaws,
    Stock Cars and more.
    The event will also feature a Hot Rod & Classic Car Show on Saturday morning from 10AM until 2PM. The cost to display a car is $10, which includes
    grandstand admission for the event.
    Spectator prices, entry fees and more information can be found on our website at www.thompsonspeedway.com, or by phone at 860-923-2280. Be
    sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


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    Granite State Pro Stock Series to Make Debut at New London-Waterford Speedbowl

    Event to Decide Championship for 2015 Season

    Walpole, NH-    In a joint announcement, the Granite State Pro Stock Series (GSPSS) will conclude their 2015 season at New London-Waterford
    Speedbowl (NLWS) on October 24.

    The newly-formed management team at NLWS, including General Manager Shawn Monahan and Racing Director Scott Tapley, with GSPSS President
    Mike Parks made the agreement to make NLWS the twelfth stop in the fourth full-season for the young touring series.  The Waterford, CT raceway
    joins Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, Claremont Speedway, Star Speedway, Hudson International Speedway, Lee USA Speedway, Speedway
    51, Monadnock Speedway, and White Mountain Motorsports Park on the schedule.  

    New London-Waterford Speedbowl was acquired by businessman Bruce Bemer this off-season, after Bemer submitted the winning bid in a foreclosure
    auction on October 18, 2014.  The deal became final February 5.

    More information on the October 24 event at New London-Waterford Speedbowl will be released as it becomes available.  For more information on the
    Granite State Pro Stock Series, visit www.gspss.net, like GSPSS on Facebook, or email Mike Parks, mparks@gspss.net.
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